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AI Statement

We are professional writers, editors, artists, designers, and photographers. We believe that AI has the potential to do good, but we have yet to see the full evidence of its benefits in publishing from a content-creation perspective. Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe humans matter in the creative space. We also support creatives in their right to make a living using their talents.

We support limited uses of AI to “polish” human-generated content, for example, apps designed to sharpen grainy images, or for basic generic use on a limited basis. But at this time, we do not use AI in the complete creation of content, be it writing, illustration, photography, copyediting, and so forth.

We look forward to seeing how AI shapes the future of publishing in ways that are beneficial for all, but until then, we’ll continue to use our natural talents, and lean on the talents of other creatives, to produce beautiful and meaningful books that inspire and entertain.

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