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Mission Statement 

To enrich the creative and personal development of adults and children through beautifully designed, uplifting books and products that cultivate joy, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning and literacy. 

Core Values


We believe in the free exchange of thoughts and ideas through books and products that seek to unite, inspire, and activate growth and positive change in the individual and the Collective.



We use our talents to create, and contribute to, content that promotes a more joyful and connected world powered by creativity, community, inclusivity, and belonging. 



We know that words have power, and we use them responsibly to enlighten and entertain, as much as to encourage understanding, kindness, and compassion.   



We recognize that we enjoy a level of privilege that does not always extend to everyone. We endeavor to stay mindful of this and do what we can, when we can, to speak out against systemic oppression. 



We love a “coffee cup half-full” attitude, and we approach each project with bright, flavorful notes of confidence, positivity, and fun.  

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