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It's Writing Prompt Wednesday!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Coffee Cup Creative's #WritingPromptWednesday is here to help you on your creative writing journey!

Prompts may run the range from a few random words and phrases to thought-provoking questions and highly descriptive visual scenes. How you choose to use the prompts is up to you. Work one or all of them into a short story, comedic skit, or poem, or allow them to spark your imagination in an entirely different direction. There are no rules. Our only goal is you get YOU writing on a regular basis.

This week's prompts:

llama in nature background
Image: Adobe Stock
  • Your earliest childhood memory

  • A strange town on a cross-country road trip

  • 17th-century European wig maker

  • This magical llama is a storyteller

  • A weeklong stay in an English country manor

  • Write a Haiku using the first lines of some favorite songs.

Weekend Prompt

Work this sentence into a short story: "He wondered if he'd just caught a glimpse of the rest of his life, and it made him sad."

Check back weekly for new #creativewritingprompts!

“The first sentence can't be written until the final sentence is written. ~Joyce Carol Oates

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